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CW3 Light до 12kg
CW3 Light до 12kg CW3 Light до 12kg CW3 Light до 12kg CW3 Light до 12kg CW3 Light до 12kg
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CW3 Light до 12kg


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CW3 Light до 12kg

Designed to be integrated into the production process to ensure product weight meets legislation, the CW3 Light to Middle Range is perfect for products such as convenience foods, sachets and ready meals up to 12Kg.
The complete system is available with specification including BRC, IFS, & Retail compliance and can be approved to either OIML R51 and MID (EC TAC). All systems come complete with Automatic Mean weight correction to help meet weight legislation.
The Loma CW3 Checkweigher includes brushless motors & proven conveyor components designed for reliable 24/7 operation.
Fast, Simple, Accurate Setup
Type in your product details, initiate setup, and pass a pack several times and the CW3 is automatically set-up and ready to use for average or mean weights.
Save Money, Reduce Product Give Away
Using a highly reliable loadcell technology the CW3 gives you accurate readings whilst minimizing unnecessary product give away.
Switch Products in Seconds with a Library of Stored Products
Up to 500 product calibration details are stored in memory ready for fast product recall using multi-product menu’s.
  • Honeywall
  • NOCK
  • Canon
  • GWS
  • OMET
  • Palm
  • LUm
  • HTC
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Sony
  • PSS
  • Mautin
  • HenKOVAC
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