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Q4 & CW3
Q4 & CW3 Q4 & CW3
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Q4 & CW3


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The metal detection combination system is designed for simultaneously detecting metal contaminants and reducing giveaway in food products. This system is perfect for inspecting a wide variety of food products, including retail-packed convenience food/ Food to Go and much more.
Consisting of both LOMA's IQ4 metal detection technology and the CW3 Checkweighing capabilities, a single touchscreen control uses icon driven menu’s for easy operation and integrated machine communication for safe product transfer.
Check & Detect System From a Single Supplier
LOMA’s Combination systems provide a single central point of contact for spares, service and general enquiries, saving you valuable time whilst providing no compromise on build quality and standards.
Integrated System Saving Valuable Line Space
Using a combination system can save around 25% of valuable foot space within the production line.
Retail Specification Achieved Through One CCP
Combination system eases acquisition, installation and support of a robust CCP designed to improve quality of production output simplifying the process.
  • Honeywall
  • NOCK
  • Canon
  • GWS
  • OMET
  • Palm
  • LUm
  • HTC
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Sony
  • PSS
  • Mautin
  • HenKOVAC
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